IC card and ID card difference

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 A, IC card and ID card definition
The full name of IC card IC card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as a smart card (Smart Card). Can read and write, large capacity, have encryption, reliable data recording, easier to use, such as card systems, consumer systems, time and attendance systems, there are mainly the PHILIPS Mifare series cards.
Full name ID card identification card (Identification Card), is a non-write proximity card, with a fixed number, mainly SYRIS the EM format Taiwan, the United States HID, TI, MOTOROLA and other types of ID cards.
Second, why do IC card initialization (ie encryption) work, and without an ID card?
1, IC card, when used, must pass after the first inter-IC card reader devices and unique bi-key authentication, to carry out related work, so that the whole system has high security. Therefore, it is necessary for the factory IC card initialization (ie encryption), the purpose is to generate unbreakable key card system at the factory after the IC card, in order to ensure the security of payment card system mechanism.
2, IC card initialization encrypted, to the user, the client through the IC card issuance systems, in turn generate a private key for each user card own system. This ensures that the user card issued in the other user's system can not be used in the system to ensure the specificity of the system, thus ensuring the safe use of the mechanism of the system.
3, ID card and magnetic card, like, are simply using the "card number" only the card in addition to the card number, but without any security function, the "card" is open and exposed. So the ID card is the "magnetic induction", it simply does not need or do not need to initialize the problem.
4. Why does the initialization process by the users themselves do? This is because:
A If initialized by the user, it can not prevent insider fraud. Because the user when using the card system, if employees use the community cards bought at random initialization, will be free to issue cards to residents of households to use, and even prepaid cards are free to the consumer, which will not only result in serious consequences of cheating, too security card system will lead to a serious flaw on the use of the mechanism.
B In addition, if the user buy inferior own factory card initialization, and can not be used on the system, then the system will make use of poor performance or paralysis, which will result in unclear responsibility for the accident.
C initialization process executed in the factory, mainly IC card security the basic needs of key authentication mechanism, but also IC card system integrator line regulation. Like urban public transport IC card, these cards in front of the bus system to use, each card encryption key should be carried out to control the factory.
D If the result of the user in case of lack of professional management and authorized by missing initialization key card, users and manufacturers will be unable to make use of the card. Therefore, the initial work done by the manufacturer, only security, of course, to follow user's actual situation to deal with.
Third, the comparison of the IC card system with the ID card system
1. Security:
IC card security is much larger than the ID card. ID card reader card number without any permission easy imitation.
Read data recorded in the IC card, write the corresponding password authentication is required, even in the cards for each zone has a different password protection, comprehensive protection for data security, IC card write data and read data password password can be Make different hierarchical management provides a good way to ensure system security.
2, record of:
ID cards can not write data recorded content (card) can only be written once the chip manufacturer, developers only readable card to use, you can not develop a new system based on the actual number management needs of the system.
IC card not only by authorized users read large amounts of data, but also to write large amounts of data (such as a new card number, user permissions, user information, etc.) by an authorized user, IC card recorded content can be repeatedly erased.
3, the storage capacity:
ID card only records the card number; and IC card (such as Philips mifare1 cards) can record the contents of about 1000 characters.
4, offline and network operation:
Because ID card within no content, so the permissions of its card holders operating system functions to be completely dependent on the support of the computer network platform database. The IC card itself has recorded a lot of user-related content (card number, user information, authority, balance and other large consumer of information), can be run from the computer platform, networked and offline automatic conversion operation mode, to achieve a wide range of use, less wiring requirements.
5. Expansion Card Applications:
ID card due to no records, no partitions, can only rely on network software to process the information for each subsystem, which greatly increased reliance on the network; if after the ID card system is complete, users want to add functionality point, you will need additional wiring, this not only increases the difficulty of construction, but also adds unnecessary investment. So, using the ID card system to do, it is difficult for system expansion, it is difficult to achieve real card.
The IC card storage area itself is divided into 16 partitions, each has a different password, with multiple subsystems independent management functions, such as access control to achieve the first partition, the second partition to achieve consumer, employee attendance and so achieve the third partition. The full realization of the purpose of the card, and can be completely modular design, even if the user to increase the function point, and without rewiring, simply increase the hardware and software modules, which facilitates the IC card system upgrade at any time after the expansion, to achieve a smooth upgrade, reduce duplication of investment.
6, intelligent system maintenance and operation:
For example: Computer released a new user ID card, it must be through the network ID card system, with all the ID card number manually downloaded to each one ID card reader controller, otherwise the ID card as invalid cards You can not use; To change user permissions, you need to have permission to enter the ID card number on each ID card controller. Another example: the system put into use frequently to add ID card, a card for each new or modified a piece of card privileges, you must enter the card number on the card can be used for all controllers, which greatly increased the workload and time manually operated and maintained. In addition, if a few more card subsystem or subsystems slightly larger, the complexity of the maintenance management system will be exponentially increased, will lead directly to the system is not functioning properly.
The use of IC card card system, after the IC card issuance, card itself is a data carrier, even if the communication network is, as usual for offline reading and writing literacy controller card operation. If you change the user permissions, user permissions can be written directly in the IC card, the new card user can simply modify the permissions change, do not have to be modified for each controller to avoid managers everywhere from the technical mechanism to change the controller card usage rights issues, to improve management efficiency, intelligent management the head.
7. Cost:
Although the ID card and ID card reader IC card chip and the reader than the cheap, but constitute the entire card system (wiring costs, structure and composition) point of view, the two systems are quite price, but only in order to run IC card system stable, reliable, cost-effective IC card system thus far higher than the ID card system. In addition, taking into account the various embodiments of the unit hardware environment of today is not very mature, and system maintenance personnel computer knowledge is not very familiar with the reality of the situation, it is impossible to establish or maintain a complete network system to support 24 hours of continuous ID card network card system operation. So, to meet the networking and mutual adaptation run offline smart card IC card system, is the only choice for today's users.
8, there are two conclusions card industry:
Card ID card can not be made (as described above), ID card consumer can not do unless it can accept its shortcomings (such as up and down above):
ID cards do not consume the biggest reason is the "credit" problem. ID card because no key security authentication mechanism, and can not write cards, so all consumption data and the amount can only exist in the computer database, and the computer is managed by property management staff, there is a full cheat and the mechanisms of space from the truth In addition, the event due to computer problems caused by the collapse of consumption data, the disastrous consequences will occur.
Therefore, to make the consumer acceptance of the ID card management authority (ie credit) is impossible, too much money dispute can only make ID card consumer systems can not be used, especially in the public system, such as the district management systems. The IC card consumer systems, because of its high reliability, can not be cracked with ISO9001 international security authentication mechanism, but mainly because the "electronic wallet" that IC card in the hands of users, the amount of consumption by each user their own "master" in the hands, so that the IC card system is very consumer "credit" consumer systems. Of course, network state, there is also consistent with the internal computer in the user IC card data, in terms of the system, which is to achieve a double safety data backup.
9, IC card as ID card with the "strange" phenomenon:
Some ID card equipment, system vendors, forced the great advantage of IC cards, also claimed that its external IC card system is available, but in fact, with the use of ID cards, the card number only in the public areas of the IC card, ID card does not change its the system structure, but do not have the key authentication, security mechanisms and writable IC cards have. So in essence it is still infer ID card card system, compared with the traditional ID card system is more wasteful, more of the lie of it, the same can not have the advantage of IC card card system.
IC card can integrate complex logic key authentication and identity verification, will replace the previous card, ID cards (ie induction "card").
Due to the inherent ID card system without key authentication, read not write, to be totally dependent defects in network operation, so it no longer suited to today's implementation unit of the growing demand for smart card, must only be used as a transitional product will be like well-known the same card was phased out. ID cards continue to be eliminated in the process, the process must be accompanied by a smart card IC card flourish! Currently, IC card has been in the mainstream, ID cards should be used only in a specific part of the management system. If the system requires the user to only recommend the use of ID card identification, which can reduce costs.

Such as over the system needs more functionality in a security perspective recommended IC smart card long time investment gain.



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