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Thousands Security Network: With the rapid development of real estate, smart home demand growth, building intercom system market can be described as straight up. From the voice on the mentioned video intercom, spoke from a black and white video for color video intercom, spoke from a color video on smart home terminal, many products have a monitor, security alarm and set disarm, every household, information is received, the remote phone alarm, message retrieval pictures, appliance control and other functions. So, how to make the building intercom system really play the role out of it?
Open intelligent life
Smart home is still hot, and intercom system presents a common feature
At this stage, the new smart home system constantly, using computer technology, network technology, audio and video coding compression technology and embedded technology, the integration of video intercom systems, home defense alarm system, home appliance control system, multimedia entertainment systems, remote control systems other subsystems function, to achieve video intercom, home security alarm, for all kinds of home appliances control, community information sharing, home security and home appliances remote control, to achieve an intelligent terminal will be able to carry out all the household simplified operation. Showing a powerful, operating more humane, functional modular options, additional features increase and so on. Application intercom system is also ready.
Intercom systems and smart home used for residential quarters, now as people's living standards improve and enjoy the taste of the kind of security and intelligent home appliances products are no longer only focus on functionality, but began to pay attention to the style of its appearance, so the design is an important indicator of the user purchase consideration. More beautiful appearance more in line with international trends, the appearance of the intercom and smart home products are more attractive, in terms of the appearance of color, design or construction material or shape, becoming more in line with interior decor, the use of black and white color-based play, with decorative stucco walls, engaging and elegant.
In fact, the domestic manufacturers in the product mix, the appearance of the process, styles are gradually approaching foreign products, just finishing aspect or with foreign products are still gaps. In addition, it highlights the appearance of the processing, production relatively easy to break, but it is rather difficult to shape ideas, this may be the relative lack of professional creative talent it.
How to make the building intercom system really play the role?
1, save call records
The system should record the detailed call information. Call records include at least the following sections: the entrance area call households, cell door call households, household management call center, community center entrance call management, call management center cell door, residents call management center.
According to the call log, you can count a variety of frequency, time of call, etc., thus reasonable arrangements human and other security systems focus on prevention, such as patrol, monitor and reduce unnecessary labor costs.
According to the call log, you can count the residents call management center frequency, time, and the tenants of the various requirements, thus rationalize services district to improve the degree of satisfaction of households; property management senior management can assess the grassroots officers record if required to work, promote the improvement of the management level and service level.
According to the call log, the management center can track visitors, visitors can be reviewed at the residential property owners to achieve home services.
2, save open records, including door state feedback
Building intercom electronically controlled security door with a pair of twin brothers, where there have building intercom electronically controlled anti-theft door. Building intercom security by controlling the electronically controlled gates to implement to allow or block incoming visitors.
Preserve open records, can effectively distinguish various ways to open the door, such as a password, IC cards, center remote control, remote interior, so as to distinguish between visitors and owners. Combined call records, to avoid "Zhuangmen" phenomenon.
After the door, you must ensure that the door can be closed quickly, avoid trailing into criminals. Once the system has been long found the door open, you should call the police, property security personnel timely treatment, to avoid accidents.
3, Guest review
Guest review refers to the management center based on the visitor's call, security personnel management center estimated time visitors arrive household indoor, after this time, security personnel from the central tenants call to confirm.
Guest review, on the one hand that the owners feel the property management department is responsible for, and thus a sense of trust property management department, to facilitate the future work of the property management department; on the other hand, to ensure that visitors are traveling by road regulations, if an exception occurs, the property security management can promptly dispatched to find visitors, ensure the safety of the owners and visitors.
Of course, in some residential building intercom system use, unknowingly already using some of the methods above, although some less than perfect or take up too much manpower. For example, some on the host cell to increase the access control system, there are doors open records and state records, but can not do anything for remote keyless entry; visitors some district review, by security personnel in front of the guest house to the owner, visitors to the kind of "bad guys when anti" feeling, although convenient for visitors to find the owners. These applications indicate that there is a building intercom this demand, manufacturers have not done in time, some of the contractors, property management departments to achieve their own way, and if the company launched the product, is not the role of building intercom system really play out of it?
Overall, more than one for the intercom products for indoor, when traditional products are not large flaws and problems arise when new technologies are not the market need, instead, stability, aesthetics, ease of operation become increasingly important.



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